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Ever wish you could put things up on your walls without damaging them, say with magnets? Without having to hang an assortment of typically ugly magnetic boards first?

Well, those days are over. Thanks to a company named Vitrulan, a new fabric, aptly entitled “Magnet”, has hit the market.

Magnet is but one of a series of high tech, glass fabrics developed by Vitrulan. A patented magnetic back coating turns otherwise fairly pedestrian (but paintable) fabric made of glass into an entire magnetic wall.

The big advantages of glass wallcoverings in general is their superior wear and cleanability properties, plus wall protection. Glass fabric is easily cleanable, making it also an ideal choice for wall treatments in a child’s room or even an operating room, and its durability makes it suitable for use in the most demanding environments. It also covers a magnitude of finish flaws in the room, and is fireproof.

With Magnet, even large format drawings may be displayed and moved around at will without damaging walls with the usual pins, tape, or putty to affix them.

Because it’s paintable, you aren’t stuck with a limited palette selection the way you are with other kinds of wallcoverings.  Paint it whatever color you like to coordinate perfectly with the rest of your room.

What other appropriate uses can you think of for this interesting product?

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