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Please join us and forward this invitation:

Green Science Policy Institute Symposium: The Fire Retardant Dilemma
Fridays, May 8, and September 25, 2009, 8:30am – 4:00pm
150 University Hall, UC Berkeley, 2199 Addison Street, Berkeley

o Susan D. Shaw, director, Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI), Blue Hill, Maine, Bioaccumulation and Health Risks of PBDEs and PFCs in Marine Mammals: Are We Running out of Time?
o Dr. Richard Murphy: Director of Science and Education, Holly S. Lohuis: Education/Research Associate, Ocean Futures Society Fireproof Killer Whales – J. M. Cousteau alerts the public to PBDE contamination
You can see their findings of PBDEs in Killer Whales on April 22 on PBS
Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures
April 8 Sea Ghosts (Beluga Whales), April 22 Call of the Killer Whale
o Donna Mensching, DVM, University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine The ABCs and PBDEs of Feline Hyperthyroidism: Current Findings on a New Epidemic
o Kris Senecal, Research Biologist, US Army Natick Soldier Center, Protecting our Troops from Fire Injuries as well as Fire Retardants
o Carl Cranor, UC Irvine Toxic Torts: Science, Law and the Possibility of Justice

Panel Discussions:
o Can hyperthyroid disease in cats and health problems in marine mammals be related to exposure to fire retardants or other chemicals?
o How can we protect marine mammals, our troops, our pets and our families from halogenated flame retardants and other persistent organic pollutants?

This symposium series brings together contributors from industry, government, academia, and citizens groups to share information on fire retardant materials and policies and how to protect human and environmental health by reducing toxics in consumer products. This session will be focused on health impacts in marine mammals and cats and will also have a speaker on legal aspects of the issue and another from the army, where the fire retardants are needed to protect our troops.

For questions or to register for the session : FRDilemma@gmail.com or 510 644 3164.
Previous speakers at: http://greensciencepolicy.org/?page_id= <http://greensciencepolicy.org/?page_id=10>

Kind regards,

Arlene Blum PhD
Visiting Scholar, Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley
Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute
Telephone: 510 644-3164 Mobile: 510 919-6363
Web: www <http://http://www.greensciencepolicy.org/> .greensciencepolicy.org <http://http://www.greensciencepolicy.org/> , http://www.arleneblum.com <http://http://www.arleneblum.com/>

The Green Science Policy Institute provides unbiased scientific information to government, industry, and non-governmental organizations to facilitate more informed decision-making about chemicals used in consumer products in order to protect health and environment world-wide.

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