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If you rent your home or apartment, chances are it’s equipped with vertical blinds, a design disaster if ever there was one. And chances are you hate them, just like virtually everyone else on the planet, certainly like all people with any taste. They are universally cheap, cold, ugly, noisy, and don’t go with anything. And did I mention ugly?

Like most renters, however, you probably don’t want to go to the expense and hassle of buying and installing new window treatments, dealing with the repairs when you move out, or risking losing your security deposit, especially if you don’t plan to live there for a long, long time.  You are, in other words, pretty well stuck with these things.

So what’s the solution? Check out this absolutely ingenious idea from Mr. Kate. There’s a video on her site that shows you how it’s done. This would work with a very wide range of lightweight fabrics or sheers, and be a piece of cake to change whenever you might want to.  It won’t get rid of the basic object, of course, but will at least make them more attractive, and help integrate them into whatever your decor is.

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