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Hi, friends,

Sorry I’ve been AWOL here on my blog and on Twitter – work, then a nasty car accident, and trying to deal with a sweet new puppy and both of our injuries from the accident have really been keeping me down and out of commission, and pretty wiped out. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to blogging more about design soon – and of course I’ll write some about the puppy, whose name is Sprite. Let me tell you, it is a major challenge to deal with a new puppy when you’re recovering from a car accident!

In the meantime, here are some photos of the car, and my new baby:

Accident 2009-07-14 001

Thank you, Saab engineering, for saving my life! I'm going to really miss this car.

Accident 2009-07-14 002

Accident 2009-07-14 003

Another second later and she would have hit me square in my door.

Accident 2009-07-14 004

Accident 2009-07-14 006

It's no fun to get hit with an airbag, but it sure beats the alternative! Glamorous it ain't, but this is definitely the way you want your car's interior if you get into a head-on collision.

The visible bruises are gone, but I'm still sore as heck.

The visible bruises are gone, but I'm still sore as heck.

. Poor pup, I’d only had him 5 days when it happened.”]The sweetest puppy on earth!  Unfortunately, he was hurt, too <sigh>.

Sprite 2009-07-19

Not looking any worse for the wear, at least.

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