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I just read an amazing blog post that sheds a whole lot of light on this subject.  It’s targeted at doctors, but the information contained within, and in the linked articles is extremely interesting, and explains many things that never made sense before, about why smart and successful people in all professions seem to go stupid and not learn from their mistakes.

In a nutshell, “Many professionals like doctors have been almost always successful and so they are not good at learning from failure. When their single loop learning goes wrong, they become defensive, screen out criticism and blame others but not themselves for the failure”.

Learning from failure, it turns out, requires a process dubbed “double loop learning”, which is quite different.

Check out the links below for further information.

Why Smart People Don’t Learn From Failures

Teaching Smart People How to Learn

This information explains a whole lot of things in the world in general, and about a lot of other things I’ve encountered personally…

Have you encountered this phenomenon in your own life, in others around you?  I’d be interested to know your stories.

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